Never join a battle unless you know exactly what it is you're fighting for
More insight comes from the resolution of a paradox than any two pieces of knowledge put together
Magnanimous statements are ridiculous if they are not recommendations.
Insights lie at the intersection of ideas
Just because you have a good idea, doesn't mean you should use it. An idea is like a puzzle piece; it should only be used if it fits the pieces around it.
Painting is art for the eyes. Music is art for the ears. Art is human creativity embodied.
Willpower is the ability to overcome the instincts of the body
Nothing made of human hands will last the infinity of time
Life is harder when you're tired
For a surprise is not a surprise at all without anything preceding it
If you're thinking of alternatives, then you should probably pursue those alternatives.
To live is to die, just a little bit every second
Is kindness still kindness if you ask for something in return?
Most of the time people are too focused on themselves to purposefully act either for or against you.
Dedication isn't just sticking to a job, dedication is getting the job done.
The easiest part of any project is working on it. The hardest part of any project is ending it.
If originality is an entirely new way of doing things, then authenticity is taking this new way of doing things and putting your own personal spin on it.
Passion is when you spend hours doing something, and yet it only feels like minutes.
Luck is scarce - that's what makes it so valuable.
Every story is a human story. Though we may anthropomorphise, all we really see is ourselves.
A story is the difference between a number and a name.
The burden of an idea is to be expressed.
This is the true power of inspiration: to not only inspire you, but to give you ideas.
The centerpiece of a garden is nothing without the framing of landscape around it.
To become the best you must first be able to replicate the best yourself.
For what is life but human experience in the context of time?
While there is pleasure to be had in leisure, there is fulfillment to be had in productivity.
They say time is money. They are wrong. Time becomes money.
Time is a means to an end, the end in question being life itself.
If you have a useful tool, you yourself become useful.
By possessing an agile and able mind, do you not have a moral obligation to use it?
One single thing is of no value unless it is compared to something else.
Be careful when using the word 'worthless'. Is it worthless in that it has minimal value? Or is it worthless in that it has nothing to attribute value to in the first place?
There's a fine line between abstraction and obscurity. Abstraction requires interpretation. Obscurity requires ignorance.
What is the thing you are putting off? Do it now.
The things we define in life have only as much meaning as we chose to attribute to them.
In the entirety of the human race, I wonder who is going to come first?
Multi-tasking = faulty-talking
You know why people you don't know are called 'strangers'? Because regardless of whatever you think they may be, whatever they truly are will always be... stranger.
Life is a symphony, played to the beat of your heart and the rhythm of your mind.
The most important piece of knowledge you can have is knowing that you know relatively nothing.
Above everything else, optimise for balance first.
The difference between an introvert and an extrovert is initiative. Most people are willing enough to participate in conversation. But are you willing to start a conversation?
What have you got to loose? In the grand scheme of things, not as much as you'd think.
Repeating something you've already said makes it sound weaker.
How good you think you are at something is directly proportional to how good you think others are.
The day we conquered nature is the day we were able to turn night into day, and day into night, with just the flick of a switch.
Are you the kind of person that thinks: what does the world have to offer me? Or are you the kind of person who thinks: what do I have to offer the world?
Everything works as it should... until it doesn't.
If much has been said about a particular subject then your options are obvious: say something new, or find a different subject entirely.
The less time left in your life the more the labours of that time should be evident
The nature of questioning is such that one question will always breed more questions
Money is dime a dozen
There is no excuse for complaint - either remove the source of your annoyance or tough it out
As soon as you can attach a name, you can attach blame
It is far easier to create new and original ideas than to try and remember ideas you have forgotten
If something can be used, then it can also be abused
If life is a means to an end, the death is an end to a means
With thoughts buzzing around my head like bees, what I want to know is this: How can I whack the bees nest?
On one hand, I have no money: how can I support myself? On the other hand, I have no money: what have I got to lose?
The purpose of writing is either to entertain or inform. The best writing is able to do both.
Scrolling is just stroking.
While on the way to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow did you appreciate the beauty of the rainbow itself?
The key to contentment is considering anything you can't do redundant.
Every second we are time travelling from moment to moment.
Competence creates confidence.
A lifetime is simply a sucession of days lived.
They say work smarter not harder... But in the time it takes to figure out how to work smarter, you could have already finished the job.
The more I read, the more I despair that every word I could possibly write has already been written. The more I write, the more I delight in the discovery and originality my words exole.
When in the heat of the moment the key is to keep moving so you don't burn yourself.
Life is human experience in the context of time. Death is life that's run out of time.
If I thought of every person who did something stupid as a stupid person, everyone would be a stupid person. Including myself.
The truth always comes out, whether hidden in plain sight or hiding behind a lie.
Opinions are shards of a truth fractured into a thousand pieces.
If things are looking up for you, your natural inclination is to look down on people. So try not to.
Cooking is just edible chemistry.
Psychiatrists are just institutionalised drug dealers.
Realistically, the fastest fast food is not pizza or a burger but sushi. You say what you want and then two seconds later you get it.
Life is short... for my enemies
Fun fact: wearing a cap backwards reduces the brain power of that individual by 49%
The better you know someone, the better you can know them
Brains mean nothing if you never do anything with them
What if rhubard was just embarrassed celery?
The early bird gets the worm... But the early worm gets eaten.
Time is spent. Respect is earned.
The primary impediment to contentment is comparison.
If you are wear a jumper, then no-one cares what you're wearing underneath. Or even if you're wearing anything underneath at all.
Blamelessness only lasts as long as anonymity does.
The only reliable thing in life is death.
It becomes difficult to address the elephant in the room if the elephant has crushed the rooms inhabitants.
If you're blaming the tools, then build better tools yourself; others will probably appreciate you for it.
When it comes down to it, the only real fear is the fear of death.
They say dogs are man's best friend. I disagree. I say man is man's best friend.
Monotony is the enemy of wonder.
Colloquialisms are just a way of expressing the ever changing world around us.
If there's nothing to see, then there's nothing to be afraid of. Unless you're afraid of the dark.
Imagination abounds in an unbound mind. Reality languishes in the throes of every limit we place upon ourselves
For the giver of information, being wrong or right is a matter of dignity. For the receiver of information, being wrong or right is a matter of intergrity.
To turn the world upside down you just have to turn yourself upside down.
Insights are a peek through the keyhole to a mirror on the other side.
The purpose of writing is either to entertain or inform. Only the best writing is able to do both.
Don't carry in a bag what you can keep in your pockets
The best advice is your own advice
What is a slug but a homeless snail?
Criminals break the law. It's a policeman's job to put it back together again.
Sometimes the mind has a mind of its own.
I am sick and tired of being sick and tired.
When buying explosives you're guarenteed to get bang for your buck.
I can respect a critic that can give critical information.
Everyone becomes an orphan eventually. Unless they die first.
Life is the bane of my existence.